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New MIC Branch in Albania

01/05/2018 | News

We are waiting you !

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Munich Fabric Start

01/01/2018 | News

Visit us at B01 Hall 1 From 30/01/2018 To 01/02/2018

Munich Fabric

05/09/2017 | News

Munich Fabric Start
from  05/09/2017 to 07/09/2017

REFLECT-MIC: Our new yarn

01/01/2017 | News

The new CATARIFRANGENT yarn gives the article an high visibility while at the same time originality, personality and safety.

Mic Fortieth's anniversary

16/12/2016 | News

MIC celebrate his 40th birthday, the employess give to the owners a commemorative plate.



Color Lab




Knitting yarns


Just in time








Special dyeing process that can be apllied on all our polyester yarns whether they are continuous yarn, core yarn,  cotton cut or texturized.

Customers can customize their article choosing from 2 to 5 colors on the same sewing thread, taking inspiration to our general color folder or as an alternative ponder some proposed combination from our special folder.



MIC realized specific articles for production of tapes, labels, trimmings and accessories like neckbands, wristbands and so much more for manufacturer's industries.



Due to its deposit in Italy and abroad, MIC is able to deliver within 24 hours from the order with its own means or leaning to courier companies



MIC offers the opportunity to pair two or more wires, in parallel or twisted, to obtaining bigger titles or some special aesthetic effect.
This kind of solution can be adopted on any kind of yarn.



MIC is able to "customize" any kind of article's packaging in order to customer's request

Biological cotton, also organic or natural , is 100% pure.
For this kind of cotton were used raw material that hasn't been subjected to any kind of chemical treatment at every stage of its processing, from the sowing of plant to the packing of the garment, respecting the enviroment and human's healt.
Coltivation must strictly observe the byological's method, excluding use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, Ogm using only organic fertilizers.
For dyeing process only natural dyes of animal's or vegetable's origin are used,also certified products that excluding potentially harmful components for human's healt and enviroment.
Our production is controlled and certified by "GOTS"
The textile supply chain is no longer take place in one country. The switching from raw material to finished product crosses a lot of different place in the world, making the relationship between the companies involved even more complicated, because each one must observe the local regoulation.
To standardize the international difference about the assessment of harmful substance, it's been created STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.
Thanks to this certification, greater trasparency in supply relationship has been achieved.
MIC was the first company in Italy and among the first in the world to enjoy this certification (Twenty-year's Award, 10/11/2015) wich surely represent an added value for its product.


REACH is an European Union regulation adopted to improve human's and enviromental's health protection from the risk of chemicals and, in meantime to stimulating the competitiveness of European chemical industry. The regulation also promotes alternative methods to evalueted the danger about chemicals lead to reducing animal testing. 

Ultimately, REACH apllies to all chemicals, both in those used in industrial processes also in the everyday chemicals; this regulation therefore concerns most of the companies across Europe.

REACH regulation gives to the companies the responsability of testing, so the companies must identify and manage the risks associated with the substances that they producing and selling in the European Union, and they must demostrate to ECHA how to use this substances without running risks and finally inform users about risk management measures.

If such risks are not manageable, authorities may impose limitations about the use of this kind of substances and, in the long run the most dangerous substances must be replaced by less dangerous one.

REACH is the abbreviation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals; the regulation has been in force since 1st June 2007.

From the early '900s till today...

The entrance of Cumerlato's family in textile's world dates back to the early 1900's, when Mr. Giorgio Cumerlato in 1911 founded the "Cumerlato's wadding factory" in Valdagno (Vicenza) to provide wadding to important local clothing manufacturers.

Around the year 1940, following a furious fire that destroyed the factory, he moved to Verona where he began to manage the company that, in the meantime, had been trasformed into a wool weaving factory. His son Pietro in the 60's moved to a modern factory of 5000 square metres in Verona's industrial zone;,
In the 70's, after a first crisis, his sons Piergiorgio and Giovanni, gave birth to "Manifattura Italiana Cucirini Spa", that operated in the field of production of industrial sewing threads.
After the explosion of major brands in Veneto area, MIC started to find its placement in the world of Jeans making and sportswear in general.
In 1986 the first internal dyeing was inaugurated and then, in 2010 the production site moving to Vallese di Oppeano,our current location, and there are a complete renovation of the dyeing's and threads production's machinery;
our actual plant site occupying  an area of approx 10.000 square metres with a concentrate of German/Swiss technology for textile's machinery and Italian technology for the dyeing one.

In the early 1990s, Mic began to expand commercially abroad, following the first stream of production's relocation that interested the most important Italian and European manufacturers; so there was the birth of MIC Tunisia in 1990 and MIC Romania in 1995 followed by Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

The last foreign operation was the acquisition with Simest of a cotton sewing and textile wool manufacturing Factory in Egypt; the production site consist in a 10.000 square metres area with Italian technicians for cotton's mercerization and dyeing exploiting the fact that Egypt is one of the best manufactures of the world in production of high quality cotton.
Today MIC follows the customers in Europe,Eastern country and North Africa, with a fast and accurate service coupled with a quality comparable to the best brand in the world.

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